Emblem:Avatar (2004)

Spirit Seam

  Troubled ? 
  Disturbed ?

    What is longed for ?

  Made  sense  of  ?

Quiet longing: understanding of what we live   

Deciphering  the  obvious   the   obscure

of   what   we   have   buried
   U n f u r l             U n l a y e r

What is the spiritual in that mallparkinglot,

 the chainlink fence barbedwire
between Yorkdale and Wilson stations

the hydrofields out near Pickering?

What is your spirit_ghost_memory

of 10,000-year-old Carolinian forest

under the pavement  at  Front  and  Parliament

the absent marshland at the mouth of the Don

                                                                        Iroquoian hunting grounds near the Humber ?

Making Sense Of                        Survive



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