Dark Christmas 2017: Installations, Assemblages, Mixed-Media Works \\ Des installations, assemblages et oeuvres médias-mixtes

Installation, assemblage, mixed-media artworks by Kers McLeod and Taman Bradette \\ Des installations, assemblages et oeuvres médias-mixtes de Taman Bradette et Kers McLeod: Dark Christmas 2017

Kith & Kin: Dark Christmas 2017

Kith and Kin in performance \\ Kith and Kin en performance: Dark Christmas 2017

Lillian Ross-Millard: Dark Christmas 2017

Lillian Ross-Millard in performance at Satellit's Dark Christmas 2017 \\ Lillian Ross-Millard en performance au Dark Christmas de Satellit, 2017

Dark Christmas: Temporalité (Satellit) Temporality, Annex Art Centre, Toronto 2017-12-07

Digital tapestry + assemblages \\ Tapisserie numérique + assemblages (Taman Bradette)

Matthew Bailey in performance + stitched fossils by Kers McLeod \\ Matthew Bailey en performance + les fossiles cousus de Kers McLeod

Stitched fossils \\ Les fossiles cousus: Kers McLeod

Assemblages + installation: Taman Bradette

Digital tapestry + assemblages and installation \\ Tapisserie numérique + assemblages et installation: Taman Bradette

Installation: Taman Bradette

Dark Christmas 2017: Annex Art Centre, Toronto

Mixed-media works \\ Oeuvres médias-mixtes: Kers McLeod + Taman Bradette

Musée_maison & Périphéries_art (installations : sept.2023)

Quelques images \\ A few images : Installations + travaux en cours \\ + works in progress Ancestor Wall (2000s) (detail) + chess assemblage ...